Domestic Couple- Chelsea

Domestic Couple required for a newly refurbished residence in Chelsea. Beautiful basement flat with own front door. Immaculate presentation and polished team work a priority.

Up to £1000.00 net per week
Permanent Live-In

We are looking for an experienced Domestic Couple who will work together in a beautifully refurbished residence in Chelsea. The Principals travel frequently, so there are periods where things will be a slower pace. When they are in town, it will generally be extremely busy. The salary is reflective of this.

You will have your own one bedroom apartment in the basement of the property with its own separate entrance.

You will need to work well as a team and be fast on your feet. Attention to detail is key.

All usual housekeeping duties are required.

The couple like to eat Mediterranean cuisine, meat and fish. They love fresh cakes, breads and pastries to be baked when in residence.

You need to be prepared that sometimes dinner can go from 5 people to 10 people within a few hours, you must be able to cope with this level of cooking and last minute extra guests.

Should you wish to apply, we will need:

  • an up to date CV from both candidates (Chef & Housekeeper)
  • a selection of sample menus (must include a Mediterranean menu and a list of cakes & pastries)
  • candidate photographs
  • written references (a minimum of 3)

We expect there will be a high level of applications for this role, so please apply swiftly if you would like to go forward.


  • Full housekeeping duties
  • Catering for all meals and snacks when the Principals are in residence
  • Laying & cleaning fireplace (in use all year round)
  • Catering for regular dinner guests
  • Sweeping of leaves on the roof terraces and deck- a Gardener is place for all gardening jobs
  • Liaising with PA to ensure any high level windows are cleaned on a regular basis by contractors
  • Keeping a constant eye on lightbulbs and general small maintenance jobs
  • The Principal has a full time driver, so no driving is required
  • Assisting with the care of the Principals small dog
  • Cleaning the studio annex when the Principals son is visiting during university holidays
  • Guests do not generally stay overnight due to the setup of the house. Only one bedroom is in use on a regular basis and with lots of specialised jobs outsourced, this is a very manageable role.

Key qualifying criteria

  • Extensive experience within Private Households or Super Yachts
  • Sharp eye for detail is absolutely paramount
  • Good communication skills to liaise with PA and multiple regular contractors
  • Strong cooking skills- French, Mediterranean cuisine in particular
  • Used to switching from long periods of absent Principals to a busy house
Apply Now Start Date: September 2016

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