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Housekeeper Salary Guide

How much should I pay my housekeeper?

Suggested salaries for housekeepers can vary depending on a number of factors, including the working hours you require. It’s important to consider the level of experience or qualifications needed, as well as the scale of housework, when determining a salary for your housekeeper. Household specific tasks, such as childcare, pet care, or overseeing tradesmen, can also help to determine the appropriate salary.

The location of the role will also be a large contribute to defining a suitable salary. For example, roles in London typically demand a higher salary than those in other areas of the UK.

You must also be aware that all employees are entitled to a workplace pension.

It is typical for housekeepers to stipulate a salary in terms of ‘net per week’. This is the figure that is paid into the employee’s bank account after their Tax & National Insurance contributions.


Arranging payroll for housekeepers

A helpful service for those wishing to employ a housekeeper is StaffTax.

A housekeeper salary calculator is available to aid with gross-net pay conversions. You can even arrange payroll through StaffTax to supply your housekeeper with payslips for weekly/monthly payroll (hard copies & electronic). There is an annual fee for this service. A team are available Monday-Friday to assist you with any queries such as payroll & employment contract advice.


The following suggested salaries for housekeepers are a guideline:

Full time live-in housekeeper £450+ (net per week)

For full-time live-in housekeepers, we recommend a salary of £450+ (net per week).

  • Live-in housekeepers typically work 50-60 hours a week.
  • They can be asked to travel with their employer on vacation or may be asked to take annual leave while the family are away.
  • Minimum statutory holiday for full-time live-in housekeepers is 20 days plus 8 public holiday days.


Full time live-out housekeeper £550+ (net per week)

For full-time live-out housekeeper, we recommend a salary of £550+ (net per week).

  • Live-out housekeepers typically work 40-60 hours a week.
  • Minimum statutory holiday for full-time live-in housekeepers is 20 days plus 8 public holiday days.

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