How to Start Your Career as Private Household Staff

How to Start Your Career as Private Household Staff

The new year is a great time to reflect on your life, income and career and start planning a better future. Whether you’re actively looking for work, are looking for the next stage in your career or simply want a change, there are lots of private households looking for your exact skill set! Working in a private household has many benefits such as having a different routine every day, getting to work as part of a great team and enjoying perks such as travel. Here’s how to start your career as private household staff.

Considering the Roles

Household staff do a great many different roles and have many different duties so it’s important to reflect upon your key skills, your previous experience in other roles and what this has taught you and how you wish to proceed career wise. Household staff roles include housekeepers, nannies, private chefs, domestic couples, butlers, house management, gardeners, chauffeurs, estate managers, private assistants, event planners and much more.

Hospitality Experience

Each role within a private household is different and therefore requires different key skills and criteria but nearly all household staff roles will require previous work experience within the hospitality sector along with excellent customer service skills and initiative. Therefore, it is always advised to ensure you have adequate hospitality experience before applying to household roles.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Once you have adequate experience and qualifications, you need to express them neatly and effectively. It is always best practice to personalise each CV to each role you wish to apply for, but for household staffing it is advisable to have a CV that outlines all of your skills and experience generally before writing personalised cover letters.

Private Household Recruitment Agency

Very few houses and estates will advertise roles or hire staff publicly and directly. The majority of households will hire through a trusted household recruitment agency, so it is essential to get on the books of one of these reliable agencies. At Talent Private Staff, we accept CV’s directly, should you want to join our other high calibre staff on our books.

Find out more about how to apply and develop your career as a household staff member here and browse the latest available roles here.



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