Nanny Salary Guide

How much should I pay my nanny?

Salaries for nannies can vary depending on a number of factors, including the working hours you require. It’s important to consider the level of experience or qualifications needed when determining a salary.

The location of the role (London, countryside or international) will also be a large contributing factor for defining a suitable salary.

You must also be aware that all employees are entitled to a workplace pension

Typically, nannies stipulate a salary in terms of ‘net per week’. This is the figure that is paid into the nannies bank account after Tax & National Insurance contributions.

A helpful service for those wishing to employ a nanny is

A salary calculator is available, showing you exactly how much you will be paying overall. For an annual fee, payroll can be organised, supplying your nanny with payslips for weekly/monthly payroll (hard copies & electronic). A team are available Monday-Friday to assist you with any queries, including both payroll & employment contract advice.


The following suggested salaries for nannies are a guideline:

Full time live-in nanny £500+ (net per week)

For full-time live-in nannies, we recommend a salary of £500+ (net per week).

  • Live-in nannies typically work 50-60 hours a week, with occasional overtime for babysitting.
  • They can be asked to travel with their employer on vacation or may be asked to take annual leave while the family are away- Minimum statutory holiday for full-time live-in nannies is 20 days plus 8 public holiday days.


Full time live-out nanny £550-£700 (net per week)

For full-time live-out nannies, we recommend a salary of £550-£700 (net per week).

  • Live-out nannies typically work 40-60 hours a week, with occasional overtime for babysitting.
  • They can demand either an hourly rate (typically £12-£15+ net per hour), or will ask for a set weekly rate.


Travelling nanny/ governess £800-£1400 (net per week)

For travelling nannies and governesses, we recommend a salary of £800-£1400 (net per week).

  • Governesses are often experienced with tutoring and are typically bilingual/multi-lingual, therefore require a higher salary.
  • Travelling nannies and governesses typically work 24/7 during periods of travel and demand top-end salaries.

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