Private staff interview preparation

How to prepare for your private staff interview

An interview is a chance for you to sell yourself. You need to make your interviewer understand why you are a great candidate for the job. Bear the following things in mind to help you have a successful interview.

First impressions count. Make sure you are dressed smartly and appropriately for the role you are applying for. E.g. a suit for a chauffeur role, or neat clothing for a nanny role. Crumpled or dirty clothing will not give the right impression. Make sure your phone is set to silent during the interview.

Consider your personal hygiene. Wash your hair; make sure your hands and nails are clean; ask a very honest friend if your breath is fresh!

Prepare carefully for your interview. Do some research into the role and the employer if possible. Often we can help you with this. Think about some of the questions that you are likely to be asked and what answers you would give. What are the most important points that you would like to get across?
If you are having doubts or there is anything you are unsure about, contact your Talent Private Staff consultant before the interview so they can help you.

You will almost certainly be given the opportunity to ask questions during the interview, so think about what you would like to know. If you have no questions to ask then they may feel you are not seriously interested in the role and the family, so try to prepare something.

It’s vital that you arrive on time for your interview. Double check the address, plan your route in advance and allow extra time for your journey. The ideal time to arrive at your destination is five to ten minutes prior to your interview. Don’t arrive too early (more than 15 minutes) as this can be inconvenient for the interviewer. If you reach the location quicker than expected go for a walk around the area or find a place to sit and wait until the right time. Have your phone fully charged and your contact numbers to hand. If you are going to be late and it is unavoidable, make sure you call the interviewer or your Talent Private Staff consultant as soon as possible.

When you first meet your interviewer, smile and shake their hand firmly.

Be aware of your body language during the interview. Don’t slouch in your chair, cross your arms or avoid eye contact – this gives a negative impression. You should aim to look alert, friendly and interested in what is being said.

Be cautious if you are asked about your salary expectations. Your Talent Private Staff consultant should have discussed this with you and with the client in advance. If in doubt, explain that you would prefer your consultant to handle salary discussions on your behalf.

Remember to call your Talent Private Staff consultant after the interview and let them know how it went as it is helpful for us to have your feedback.

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