What Can a Domestic Couple do for you?

Have you ever looked at another person’s clean and tidy household and wondered how they keep it all running so smoothly despite their busy lifestyle? It might be that they have a domestic couple within their residence! At Talent Private Staff, we get a lot of enquiries about a range of household tasks. If you require a great range of work done but don’t need a great amount of staff, a domestic couple is a great option. So, what can a domestic couple do for you?

Skills of a Domestic Couple

The skills of a domestic couple are wide-ranging. Typically, one half of the unit will have a range of housekeeping skills from cleaning to childcare and pet care. The second half of the unit is usually more maintenance-based, covering property maintenance, gardening, DIY, butlering and chauffeuring. In short, the domestic couple will stay on top of the upkeep of the property and work together to ensure smooth-running of the property.

The Unique Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Couple

Large estates have a great number of tasks required for upkeep, and therefore require larger bodies of staff. However, if your home and family is smaller and requiring less, it is not good value for money to hire specific staff roles that are not always in need. Typically, general housework and adhoc need for a driver or server would suit a domestic couple best, as they can change up their skills as and when you need them.

What to Look for in a Domestic Couple

When looking for a domestic couple, it’s important to note that every domestic couple brings different skills to a household. That’s why your first priority should be outlining the skills you need and the tasks you need to be serviced. Once you know what you need in a domestic couple, it’s important to look for a good and reputable agency with high calibre staff on their books to make an enquiry. They will then be able to best match a domestic couple’s skill set to the roles and requirements of your household.

If you think your household or estate could benefit from hiring a domestic couple, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, and we can discuss placements.

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