What to Consider When Hiring a PA

What to Consider When Hiring a PA


Hiring a PA, whether for the first time, to grow your team of staff or to replace someone in a role, can be difficult. Personal assistants are just that – personal! Skill sets among personal assistants vary and you need someone who is flexible and experienced enough to be successful. So, how can you get it just right? At Talent Private Staff, we have decades of experience matching the right person to the right role so we know exactly what you should consider when hiring a PA.

Define the Everyday

The process begins with defining the role. What does the everyday workload of the PA look like? Jot down everything you hope to delegate to your personal assistant. This will give you a great deal of information in turn, for example, it will define how many hours are required (is this a full-time or part-time role?), how long a PA is required for (is this temporary or permanent?) and the skills necessary to be successful at the tasks outlined. Now, you’ve got a general idea of the successful candidate’s traits and experience.

Define the Extraordinary

We all know that personal assistants sometimes have to go the extra mile, so this is not something to shy away from. Decide, for example, if it’s important to you that your personal assistant get involved with the people in your life – will you occasionally need them to know your business partner or family enough to organise an event or a tailored gift? Consider business ventures – are you likely to call upon your PA to travel with you and work in different environments from time to time? For a successful partnership, it’s best to clarify these things before hiring.

Address Character

It is likely that you will be working closely with your personal assistant – they are going to be managing your calendar, your meetings and perhaps even communicate on your behalf, so they are going to work with you on good days, bad days and sometimes even in high stress environments. It is important that you can be on the same page, that they can understand your tone of voice, anticipate how you would like something handled and, ultimately, that you get on well! Some reflection on your character, preferred ways of working and the personalities you get on with well is advised.

Hiring a personal assistant can have real positive change on both your personal life and your business so, if you’re showing signs of needing a PA, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Talent Private Staff today!

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