Travelling PA – Based in London

This vacancy has now closed

Personal assistant to an industrious businessman with offices in Cairo, London and Washington DC. A highly demanding but highly rewarding job requiring complete dedication and assiduousness. You need to be a person with an ability to think on your feet and have a sharp wit, but also absolute precision.

  • Performing administrative tasks – filing, printing, preparing and editing documents
  • Handling correspondences
  • Developing and maintaining contact with several key aides, contacts and selected contacts of the Chairman, including high-level officials
  • Drafting and summarizing reports
  • Conducting various types of research
  • Drafting occasional essays, memos, or introductions to various publications under the Chairman’s guidance
  • Managing and maintaining the Chairman’s schedules, appointments and travel arrangements







  • Event development, organizing and managing (working dinners, workshops, round tables and conferences)
  • Monitoring, examining and handling monthly invoices and following up on payments
  • Handling several insurance policies including renewal conditions and obtaining competitive quotes
  • Managing the Chairman’s art collection in multiple locations, including obtaining condition reports, arranging restoration and conservation where necessary, facilitating adequate insurance coverage, maintaining lists of paintings by location, author and year of purchase
  • Liaising with art dealers and auction houses on potential new art purchases including obtaining prices, condition reports and provenance reports
  • Liaising with key stakeholders in regard to the Chairman’s aircraft (pilots, and engineer) in order to ensure smooth operation of the aircraft. To be acquainted with respective companies and their costs regarding operating the aircraft in order to monitor invoices and ensure there are no unnecessary costs
  • Developing press releases and promotional material as necessary
  • Coordinating with multiple offices
  • Dealing with lawyers, auditors and PR firms
  • Coordinating the work of two Foundations
  • Working in offices (London, Cairo and Washington DC), and during travel, on plane and holiday destinations

Key qualifying criteria


  • experience no less than 6 years as PA to a CEO or Chairman.
  • willing to work 24/7 and travel constantly with no personal obligations
  • able to handle multi tasking and stress with a calm and positive attitude
  • minimum 50 wpm typing speed, experience with Windows and MAC
  • excellent English – both spoken and written
  • meticulous attention to detail
  • ability to multitask is key, but also to prioritize
  • handle a constantly changing schedule
  • anticipating problems and providing solutions
  • ability to have excellent mobile filing system
  • able to coordinate among different offices, institutions, corporations and foundations
  • to attend discreetly high level meetings and take minutes
  • to follow up on complex tasks
  • to sometimes handle family and personal matters
  • committed with dedication and fast pace of implementation
  • pleasant personality and professional
  • dependable and trustworthy


This vacancy has now closed

This job vacancy has closed

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